School visit day

Yea, Thursday reach here. Went for a movie, Paranormal Activity III at One U. Oh yea!! Fucking awesome nice movie!! Keep on heart attack lmao! Watched II and III in cinema with sb and I want to watch I with a group of friends I’m serious. Lol. Went to Desa ParkCity in the morning to […]


You can’t kick me down I’m already on the ground No, you can’t ’cause you couldn’t catch me anyhow Blue skies but the sun isn’t coming out, no Today it’s like I‘m under a heavy cloud And I feel so alive I can’t help myself, don’t you realize I just wanna scream and lose control […]

151011 ♥ Friday Night

My very first time. 😉 What kind of expression is this? Lol Two girls ♥  I know Im ugly. -____- Say dont wanna go but once reach there, his party cells rock! Lmao Last pic. Quite a different experience and it’s really fun! Haha! 😡 That moment .


Why decide by others when you can actually make your own decision? Why follow people’s trend when you can walk your own path? I’m enough of that! Why every time I’m the one who must follow you guys order or decision?! I’m really pissed off by your attitude! You know how fucking annoying it is?! […]