School visit day

Yea, Thursday reach here. Went for a movie, Paranormal Activity III at One U. Oh yea!! Fucking awesome nice movie!! Keep on heart attack lmao! Watched II and III in cinema with sb and I want to watch I with a group of friends I’m serious. Lol.

Went to Desa ParkCity in the morning to accompany sb and her friend khimmy for photoshoot for their photography class. THATS the difference between business student with art student. =3= Sb bought D5100 cause she got photography class in current sem. *jealous* Okayy, maybe I should consider to use ptptn loan money to buy a semi pro, :X semi pro is more than enough for me.

I love blue blue sky  ♥
This lady like so pro. LOL
An old couple jogging+walking with a cute puppy.  ♥
Theres even a young couple playing skates! Awww
Its actually a place for the rich one wtf.
Then we went for lunch at Fitou. I like the design of the restaurant.
I mean, I really like that kind of style.
Thats why I often choose to dine in that kind of restaurant where normally its quite epensive wtf
Old dirty ceiling with some kind of diff-to-understand portrait which give me some vintage feel. Lol
I hate pumpkin soup. Haha! But it comes with the set meal so, no choice. Lol.
Forgot to take my spaghetti pic to avoid I felt hungry once I saw that pic wtf.The ladies keep lc me by taking their meals photos with their dslr ish. -.-

Afternoon went to sb school, SEGi college. Urmmm, I don’t know how to compare SEGi with UTAR, it’s completely two different style of construction but what I know is, UCSI is sooo beautiful! Since my friends that went to UCSI said so. Sb got a english class for today, quite boring for me. Their school ain’t same with us, lotsa of chinese, crowded everywhere, yea! Utar crowded most of the time i‘m serious! Her school got quite a low don’t-know-what-races-they-are students. Lmao. But their lecturer so funny lar! ” Popularity in earth going to raise to 7 trillion next year. So.., go have sex! ”  LOL!!

No comment.
I prefer utar tutorial class. :X

沿途的风景人生的过客 有多少个 又能留得住呢
来张白痴照 哈哈
最近很喜欢张栋梁的 别再惊动爱情 🙂



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