I don’t know why I just couldn’t describe my feelings when talk about December. I used to be very excited when Dec come. : /

Am so busy for this several days, didn’t update for few days. Yea, worked for the ipoh PC fair in the past 3days. It’s really an another good experience to see the people and learned new things. Working is really good, can earn extra money and learn new things, can kills million brain cells but of course not long time working while study laa. It’s actually a not-so successful PC fair hell cause the boss didn’t study Management. : X

Dec. What can I say. I used to be the holiday month, stay at cousin house, relax every day, play and talk, birthday celebrate with mum, Christmas go to church and celebrate with many relatives and of course with really-Christmas-mood ON when Dec come but now, sigh. Final coming, gotta prepare for it, final start after two days Christmas, Holy shit I love celebrate Christmas! 😦  Shooping around with lots of Christmas decoration’s shopping complex and lots of discount. Urgh! Think of going back to early celebrate my birthday and of course shopping cause if wait until Jan maybe don’t have so much discount and nice items already wtf. LOL.

December. Praying so hard it’s a good month. Please please.


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