Monday night

Can be consider as a great night, I think. Apparently, mood just could easily affected by some ******** don’t know how to describe it. So after done the appeal things in the morning, off to Ipoh for shopping session but actually I’m not planning to buy anything as I’m satisfied and broke already. But still bought a casual shoe -.- Gosh! I really have a lot shoes already, I think. Lol. Nothing much to shop at Ipoh parade, everything just seems almost the same. #boring. Got a frappucino and a Starbucks card because its pretty. Watched Sherlock Holmes II alone, cause don’t feel like watching the laughing gor so I decided watch with myself and #foreveralone is great! XD Sherlock Holmes 2 was fucking awesome than the first one! I’m his super fans!! Superb excited cause I didn’t missed it hehehe ~

Not going to sleep tonight, since need to wake up at 6. Healthy lifestyle plan phailed!! -.- Even skip the first day classes. Why I would felt a little disappointed when you say that wtf it can’t be! I don’t like when I don’t know what’s my friends’ status was talking about, feeling like we’re so far, too much of caring on friends ain’t good lol?  I don’t like when people dump me when they got their friends and find me back when they’re alone. So what is friend means to you? Something to fulfill your boring free time?!! You never care how we felt. Never, it was always a justsaying that you care after we mentioned bout it. I don’t know for how long I can tolerate with it. Things changed every season (semester), and this season is like everything fucked up.


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