2012 Wishes

1.  Think less.
2.  Write a book.
3.  Feel beautiful in my own skin.
4.  Learn another language.
5.  Watch a hundred movies.
6.  Laugh until I cry.
7.  Go on a no budget shopping spree.
8.  Get a perfect outfit.
9.  My own photo shoot.
10. Go to concert.
11. Drop a water balloon off of a tall building.
12. Start saving money.
13. Improve my grades.
14. Go an entire day without any technology.
15. Have a tomato fight.
16. Buy tons of books.
17. Get drunk on the beach.
18. Buy perfect converse.
19. Be happy.
20. Shop more.
21. Let my hair get really long.
22. Cuddle next to a camp fire.
23. Read more.
24. Find a secret place.
25. Learn how to play guitar.
26. Learn how to draw.
27. Get a boyfriend.
28. Ride a roller-coaster.
29. Buy a pair of gorgeous high heels.
30. Learn a Nicki Minaj song.
31. Watch the sunrise at the beach.
32. Appreciate the little things.
33. Re-decorate my room.
34. Change my style.
35. Find a best friend.
36. Learn how to bake.
37. Give a lot of money to the charity.
38. Have a hairstyle makeover.
39. Have a real life love story.
40. Become less shy.
41. Be a better person to the people around me.
42. Go to a Taylor swift concert.
43. Pass my final exams.
44. Go to a museum.
45. Travel.
46. Confidence.
47. To be a model.
48. Tell someone how I really feel.
49. Get a new phone.
50. Loss weight.


Seems like kinda tough task. Lol.


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