No dramas day

Ok, I really beh song. Wanted to buy things but ended up just bought a new nail colour (mistaken somemore >< ) and a hair shampoo wtf. I want buy Nose’s shoe but.. luckily I’m rational. Cause those heels pretty high, I wouldn’t dare to wear it frequently. –.– So if I bought then it just waste my money so please please I need a reasonable excuse to let me waste my money on a pretty heels. :))

This is actually a post reply back to ms. Lee 😛 Hahahaha after Des sent me her latest article. 🙂 I do remembered every advice people told me. She told me that i should blog about some happy things and by the way I should blog a longer article to improve my English. ( Since I so-wanna be a banana  *failed* lol ) So here it goes. 🙂

We are freaking bore at Kampar some of us went to Klang, Yun ru went back hometown pulak, so only left des, qq, ray and me, of course. So they decided to go to Ipoh. Actually wanna jio vanilla but since des jio wenxin already so cancel my plan. It’s better to have someone that we all knew, wont gang ga mah. ( but actually at first got gang ga abit also lor swt ) First stop, walking like a zombie in Parade, cause there don’t have any shop that I’m interested to shop and things that I want not at there too. As usual, get a cup of Starbucks but this time I give myself to try a new things, new flavour, Mocha don’t-know-what, forgotten it name. Something that I never change is I always stick to the old things. Once I fall for it, I never ever want to try other new things no matter how attractive they are. :/ Such as Chicken McDeluxe! Ohhhh yameeeh! *hungry* Oh! I bumped into my ex-schoolmate too! 😀 They are still adorable as last time! Hahhaha

Jusco. Yeah. I want watch John Carter. Front seat available only. Fuckyeah.– Skin food! Stupid me bought wrong nail colour at there ish. Never mind, it still look pretty on me lololol. Walk into Mango, spotted nothing. #sien. Walk into Vincci, spotted nothing. #SIEN. I should go to Watson! I bet I’ll come out with something! Perhaps a new mj eye liner? Cause last time hand itchy then it spoiled already duh. Padini, THAT denim jacket! I still bu she de buy leh. A bit costly for me la, somemore I don’t think I’ll always wear cuz here is Malaysia! Hot sei lo! And, Padini’s clothes cannot buy one, sure will 撞衫. *Fish99* Dinner at Olivenz. Friends’ food always look yummy than the one I ordered ><

Should go to Over Time or Euro house de lo, then they can jio him mah, then I can see him mah. 😛 But wenxin got grounding time so we went back home early. Aiyo, guai lui yi xia lo, one night don’t po lo. Hahhaha! Why bad boys always attract me first? -.-”

That’s all. English Improvement Task PHAILED. tsk tsk.

女人,不愛的時候 狀態最好

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