Private and confidential

Yes, I’m trying to calm down now. After what happened just now omg. It may be a little things for you, but its not for us. We had supper at the van, outside my house there, Beijing. It was after 2am. So we finished and wanted to back out own house. Then, there comes a car with a guy keep on shouting ( Er, he not really shouting la, just his sound is loud ) hey mei nv can I know you please. Ok fine, we ignored and faster cycle back. Then the car came and stop us. Omfg? It was horrible kay. Luckily the van still there but seems like the uncle didn’t noticed anything and we seems like the last person who go back. Luckily there’s guards there. He still dare to say ‘we’re not bad guy’. Hello, where got bad guy will say they are bad guy one swt. From today on, I’m not going out on late night! Except inside westlake and mcd there, and with boy   friends. Lol.
Back to the topic that I’m going to blog about today. ‘ Private and Confidential ‘. I bet you know the meaning. Yes, its regarding to the permission of accessibility to this blog. Well my blog is not a serious thing until its confidential but it is private. Due to recently there’s quite a number of our friends started to blog hence there’s friends that suddenly thought of my blog and want to come back and read but unfortunately, I had removed them and some ask me to invite them to access to my blog. Urhm, headache. 
I really wish people can understand the purpose of setting the blog privately. But too bad normally they don’t think from other side one wtf. Some people they don’t make their blog public is maybe because they don’t want expose too much of themselves to other people. While for me, don’t laugh please, I don’t want people to stalk me. I know its hard to believe I got stalker right, but its true wtf. There’s a stalker who stalk my blog like three or four times per day. Its horrible for me. How I know? I’m not sure if you guys noticed there’s actually a feedjit in the bottom left of my blog. Its a apps or thingy that use to detect where your readers come from. That stalker used to be someone I know and I remember where the stalker live so my feedjit keep on showing the place. 
Indecent, exactly the feeling when you found out there’s a stalker keep on stalking you all the time. We can’t stop a stranger from stalking us but at least don’t let me know their existence la. Geli. Most important is, the stalker is someone I knew and the stalker is really a very geli people. So urhm, decided to make it private cause well, the stalker able to stalk to my pixnet ( There’s a period of time I change to blog at pixnet ) although I didn’t share it out. Additional, the reason that I set my baby privately is because in case I confessed in my blog and THAT person saw it how?! LOL just kidding. But what makes me feel like been raped -.- is a friend that recently found out that he is quite horrible. How can you say you able to hack my blog just because I deleted you from my reader list?! The feeling of your things get hacked ( my first email account was hacked ) really sucks! I’m the typical girl that feeling insecure most of the time sigh :/ The easiest way to decrease chances to get hacked is, try to less expose on some social platform website. You know its impossible for me to quit blogging. Someone phuck the horrible fake dude please!
Come back! I just think that there might be a particular content that it might be a sensitive issue to some people that’s why I my readers are those that I trust, or they worth my trust. Yes, if you’re reading this ( means you able to access to my baby ) please appreciate, not much people got the chance. *arrogant* Kindly ignore the last sentence hahaha. You might think, then why I share my blog ( yes, I did share my blog in my Facebook profile ) since only selected people got my permission to access. Its difference dude! You can send me a request to access this blog through Facebook if you really want, I just don’t want everyone, the strangers able to access freely. Do you know that I can actually earn money if I set my blog public?! Hell no one knows!
Sensitive issue. Yea, example, I’m scolding someone, I’m complaining something, I’m telling a secret ( did I? ) . What if everyone saw it include the party/parties that involved? Consequences are, after you express your feeling or thoughts, you forgot about it, but the party keep on remember that you mentioned about him/her publicly/publicity ( yes, my grammar sucks ) in your blog. Don’t tell me you won’t get angry if you read someone blog where his/her latest blog post is talking bad about you BUT a second ago he/she still being very nice and friendly to you. Don’t tell me you won’t guess about who’s the third party he/she talking about in the blog. *troll face* More embarrassing is some more sensitive issue ( you know, teenagers~ ). Misunderstood can’t be solve if the writer keep on expressing their feelings and problems without telling straight forward to the person involved and the person who involved also will get mad, like secretly get mad. At least a little bit. Lol.
Dear readers, respect me like how you want others to respect you. Since this is a private blog, everything should just let it stay here only, right?
Did you really read it all? I’m giving you a chance to lie to me! 
Wadafuq she talked just now?
I’m not a k-pop fans but I’m so in love with Love Rain this drama. Hehe. 
Waiting the next episode ♥ : D
Final coming. Damn it. Sem 5, I will be more easier to score well in sem 4. But time.
I don’t really want to spend another 3months more! I need some opinions.
Shit. Time to sleep -.-


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