Bad luck good luck ?

Roller coaster. Know what it means? It goes up, then goes down. Yea, it always perfectly describe my situation and feelings wtf.

Back to kl last Thursday and already deal with kok ying that going to pay a visit to Sg. Long and give surprise to Fish. Bahahaha ♥ Just told Des and shui guai cause wanna give a surprise to Sharoy (wtf super beh song call her this name weih hahahah). Sg. Long campus, a big building, not so big actually lol. Like an office or hospital. The most crowded place is the lecture class. Sad-nya. Perhaps I’ve already used to Kampar campus, crowded everywhere. Differences between Kampar campus and Sg. Long campus, for me I think is, Kampar is like a nursery. Lol. Everything was well-prepared. You don’t really need to worry about the accommodation, there’s Danish Company. Food, one call settled. -.- Transport, UTAR bus. But in Sg. Long there’s no UTAR bus so you can’t really check the bus schedule. You only either go out eat or cook at home wtf. However, Sg. Long environment not bad actually. Except that those condominium are quite some ‘ages’ the surrounding not bad actually. Especially the swimming pool! Damn I don’t have swimsuit if not I sure go swim one! TT I don’t really care how tan my skin gonna be when it comes to swimming. ^^

After visited Sg. Long campus, attended kok ying class. Er, he was a failed lecture. Lol. Obviously nobody listening to what he’s talking. The way he teach like Leong Saw Jiu, my first sem maths lecture. That epic barred lecture. -.- Kok ying coursemates aka classmates are all so friendly. Fyi, there are only 12 people in that new course with 3 senior, Jan intake one. Lately a father joined them. Yes, he is a 28 years old guy who has 3 children. Geng. We chatted and eat in the class hahaha. Soon after the class ended we headed to somewhere to play badminton. Wtf I really hate sports that deal with ball. *yam ying* But not bad though, cause Fish is in the same level with me, the beginner. XD  Badminton end and back to Sg. Long, they didn’t pick up my calls, kinda pissed off that time but suen, I very kind one, forgive you two la. HAHHAHA. They live in the same area with Fish. I heard Fish talked about her house from first sem til last sem I think and finally I get to see it. Green Acre consider the best condo in that area, especially the swimming pool. Cause I remember last time kok ying told me that there’s even a condo’s swimming pool got a tree in the middle of it. So you just gotta stop and turn-left or right or U-turn lol very bo syok la ok. They just woke up so we go and have out late dinner with Sharoy~ too. She didn’t talk much that day, so do shui guai. Seems like I’m the one who got the mood to syok sendiri again that night. Orz. We sit beside the condo’s swimming pool and chat after finish our dinner. It was a windy chilling night and a very suitable place for couple lor. 🙂 (ps shui guai don’t always stay in room saja la hahahha)

Second day, Sat, lwx and I took train to I’m a failed kl people. Orz. I don’t recognize the way to Time square cause seriously its been a really long time I didn’t been to Time square. Oh, we had Sushi Zanmai for our lunch. Those salmons are fucking naise!! Beside Sakae Sushi, Sushi Zanmai’s is the second Japanese restaurant that have tasty salmon! Muaacks! ♥ I always have a dream. For one day I’m going to Japan, and go to the place where it’s a big market which is a place for the people to buy big amount of fishes and I’m gonna try those fresh cut fish!! Don’t know can or not but I watch tv shows try like that so I also want lol. Suppose to go back home that day but then decided to stay for one more night, since I got nothing to do also. The couple ignored me that night. #foreveralone TT So I syok sendiri singing alone in lwx room and they lay on each other like sandwich lololol. Awwww.. Why they so cute one?! You have no idea how cute they are, ssshhhhhh xP

Sunday, we went to Mid Valley since we got nothing to do. Suppose to go back Kampar on that evening but then postponed to Monday so it was the day that shit thing happened. We keep on walked and walked, window shopping day. And honestly I don’t really like Mid Valley cause those north south east west courts are complicated and I don’t really able to find items that I want. (Duh, a Malay promoter wear the shirt that he wore in his profile picture. Im like wtf at kl also need remind me bout him mehhh </3)  We walked wil 6 something then separated. Super touch, seriously when they willing to accompany me walk to the exit door to ktm there. TT Its from one end to the another end, far weih. I really hate hugging, it makes people even more bu she de zzz. Ok, shit thing happened. I was waiting train to come, I texted my mum to tell her I’m going back home, I texted lwx aka shui guai that I lefted my clothes in her house, I’m still texting with him, I replied kok ying’s message, we’re still discussing whether the next day I’m going Sg. Long again or not. Then the train came, so I quickly put it into my pocket, after get a seat only reply the message. When I was entering the train, someone stick to me, I didn’t see who she is, once I grab a seat, I checked my pocket it was empty. My phone was gone! Fuck why am not alert of it. Stupid me. :'(( Fyi, its a ladies coach! Until today I’m still sad about that case. I never thought it would happened on me. Emo til the max, I can’t cheer up myself. It’s not about how much of the value that gone, its about the memories that can never get back. 😦  Those pictures that taken in Sg. Long also could’t get back already. 😦 Mum said it was the last phone she bought for me so currently I’m using old spoiled phone. Fucking pissed off cause it can’t detect the Sim card, need to take it to repair somemore. Haih. Pictures, my favourite songs, favourite playlists, the 700+ messages! </3  Nothing can do, only can blame myself for being stupid. 😦 Haihh. Few days didn’t texted him already. Damn I guess he don’t miss it anyway. 😦  Make a new friend. We have a nice chat, he’s funny though. 🙂 Perhaps being playful suit me more, rather than waiting someone like a fool?  Btw, I’m still considering whether study what and study at where. Damn my dilemma in everything. Damn one more thing, I spoiled my alarm clock again.. TT Kampar new town got any shop can fix it ah? TT Tomorrow maths test. Wish me all the best please! Oh, last but not least, that moment when you realize that the people around you are no longer single…  Never mind, being single can flirt with anyone, good thing lei gea. Keep it up. -.-

Appreciate when I typed such a long post and you should being fake for once and tell me you really like it.
hahah alright that’s all. Good night.  

有時候我只需要一個能靜靜看我說話 看我打的字的人  
就這樣足夠讓我心情變好 🙂

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