Good Morning !

Just realise I never say good morning here! Lol. I’m super headache ( I headache all the time whenever I stay up late ) now but suddenly feel like wanna write something so decided to blog. Honestly, I don’t really like to blog too frequently. So maybe this will be like a little summation for few things that happened recently and tonight’s feelings.

So last night skyped with yein, talked for an hour +, M’sia internet line really damn slow compare to her place there. That’s why we can’t use webcam but only microphone. I wanted to go Taiwan since long long time ago. So after chatted with her about things in Taiwan and about the studies there, seriously I have a strong feeling wanna straight pack my bags and go there. But once I think about the four people in one hostel room, then I’ll feel wanna cry. Lol. I don’t like to sleep with strangers, I mean I hate tolerate with people even I’m in my own room. wtf. Exception for friends. *Peace. The popular courses there are courses that I really like, one thing I don’t really wanna study is just that, its everything in Chinese. Chinese isn’t that bad, just I’ll prefer if Journalism is in English. But I’m pretty sure parents do feel I’ve wasted my time and money studied foundation. But the school fees indeed a lot cheaper compare to here! Maybe I should stop thinking the impossibilities to go there. T___T

I don’t know what I’m talking right now. I just know I always have complicated thoughts. Blah. 5.30 I’m not sleepy yet. Damn. Bye.


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