Noted down the excitement!

Something and something shock me today. And I think I shall look back and blog about it :’D Just today in Facebook, saw those comments of my old friend, old schoolmate. Found out that he actually already couple with her. So sweet! They both my best friends in my old high school. They have rumors since high […]


“ 絕不要對自己說謊 該後悔轉身也要堅強 ” 窗外放晴了 屋内仍继续下雨 我微笑 并不等于我快乐 我撑伞 并非只是为了避雨 你永远都不懂我在想什么 我想拥抱每个人 但我得先温暖我自己 请容忍我 因为我已在练习容忍你 ——几米

Goodbye my love (?)

I guess I’ve really done with you, it’s really over now. And honestly, I’m glad and feeling delightful for serious hah! Glad that don’t need to be complicated with anybody or taken for granted or being look down, or even for spending time on worthless people. I guess, the not-meant-to-be pretty waste of time, aren’t […]