Goodbye my love (?)

I guess I’ve really done with you, it’s really over now. And honestly, I’m glad and feeling delightful for serious hah! Glad that don’t need to be complicated with anybody or taken for granted or being look down, or even for spending time on worthless people. I guess, the not-meant-to-be pretty waste of time, aren’t them 🙂

Feeling delightful, for had grown a bit more mature. Lol, for after all of these that been through, does it really matter for being single or double or triple? Lol joke. I guess I need a little ‘rest’. Well at least, I’m started to enjoy just being with myself or friends and my studies. Yea, this semester is quite a peaceful life since I’m just taking two subjects. Going school for two days *wink. And thanks God Elaine same class with me, for both subjects. Its really lucky and wonderful that some of those people in semester 5 are people you know! wtf.

People that don’t believe me I’ve no longer have passion for club anymore( atleast for this moment lol), well I got nothing can do with them. Time shall prove it :X Missing going for shopping and movies and chilling at Starbucks! hell where gone the days..

Everyday is a new beginning of changing your life.


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