Noted down the excitement!

Something and something shock me today. And I think I shall look back and blog about it :’D

Just today in Facebook, saw those comments of my old friend, old schoolmate. Found out that he actually already couple with her. So sweet! They both my best friends in my old high school. They have rumors since high school, just I never thought they actually will be together since that time he’s still not let go of his ex yet, and also because the silly girl is a year older than us. But I guess love don’t count ages and all those numbers!  

At some point of your life, you’ll sincerely happy for your friends who live happily. And honestly, by right now I’m touched! I always think nothing can be more cute than being with someone, someone that been together after many things happened and realized they two were meant to be! A couple that know each other well, a couple that can act like best friends, soul mate orcuddle and care each other like couple. :’D

It’s really a long long time I didn’t touch up with them. Lost the connection. I’m not ready for that yet I guess.

May God bless you two have the strength to face all the challenges in your life and stay sweet!! xoxo jy ❤

人生如戏 戏如人生


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