How much is your dream

Hi its new month again! Time flies indeed! It’s November here, and soon will be Dec! Yay both are my favorite months!! ❤ Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Omg feel like starting listening to some Christmas song =D Really hope that here is NYC so that everyone celebrate Thanksgiving TT Oh and Christmas too. You know, western people take it as quite an important event in the year.

New month with new motivation? Always found that motivation in life is important, no matter its short-term or long-term kind. Atleast it gives your life something to look forward to, something that makes you feel excited and joyful! Especially to someone that got not much things to do like me, the excitement is needed!

Knew something today, that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s like the dream of my whole life. I’m not sure when I can fulfill my dream, or whether I have the ability, but if I got the chance, I don’t really want to gave up easily. The pathway to the dream might be tough, and family might not be supported, but I really wish to fulfill it!!

They said dream can’t be valued. Because you’ll never know how much you need to pay for it. How much I need to sacrifice for my dream, it’s still remain a question mark.

But what I know at this moment is that, my dream is my motivation.


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