What again

How I wish I’m pretty enough, how I wish I’m confident enough. So that I wouldn’t look down by others. But this is a reality society, reality people, like me, I don’t deny. I knew words without actions are just crap, but I’m just not really get motivated. Superb dislike being not motivated and continue ranting about all these things deep inside my heart from time to time.

No, I’m not that optimistic. I’m not that self-confident. Certainly, sometimes I’m not that happy. Sigh. Just really tired feeling ugly. Tired being reminded how alone and helpless I am.

Trying not to be too pessimistic but somehow, things around me always make me think alot, and end up got a little bit down wth.

And by ‘Okay’ , what I really mean to say is ” I really have no fucking idea how I’m feeling, so stop asking. “


First step of change: put some effort please !


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