Lifeless days : First week of degree

24th. It’s been raining for a whole night. Such a great time for sleep but decided to blog a little before I sleep. Semester break actually ended on last week but due to course transfer, just got my timetable this week so, this week is officially my first week of school, my first semester of my degree but kinda lifeless in this first week orz.

Changed new course. Turns out that it’s not that fun as I thought. Only 9 people in this Jan intake wth. A very unpopular course in my college, or I should say in M’sia? Not really much people know what it’s about and even some friends never realize our school got this course lol. I’m not sure is it because I missed the first week classes or they do really know each other before they get into the class. Everyone seems already made friends and have their own group, it’s really obvious I’m the outsider dafuq. I’m not the kind that will approach to stranger first, so now I just got one friend there wth. Sounds so pathetic. Never mind, things will get better one!!

And yea, since new blocks are open for use, social science students and fict students’ classes are there. It’s cool to study in new blocks but somehow I still prefer the old blocks. I mean the business students’ blocks. It’s so freaking far for us to walk from the new block to the administration block, or the cafeteria or even the library! Somemore the bus that fetches student back to our hostel always crowded! End up I waited for one hour and more for the bus. So shit. School buses and he hot weather always made us so desperate for a car! I don’t wish for a car since I don’t even have a car license so actually I’m desperate for a driver friend that can fetch me lol.

Early eight o’clock class tomorrow. Can I skip? 😡 I’m so stress in this new field. Everyone seems so smart, so confident, talk fluent english. Only me and my friend communicate in mandarin. *epic-failed. Btw, going to attend the gathering of our course, hope can make more new friends there. I’m so sick of being alone in classes. Now seems like 2013 resolution  should add one more task, be more friendly and shameless lol, so I can dare to approach to strangers. I guess I’m just haven get used to the people cause so far the subjects I’m taking in this new semester quite interesting. Hope I can handle them well.

Off to bed. Night! Will blog soon. 🙂





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