The so-called CNY

My so-called “chinese new year’ is actually all about keep calm and continue being an indoor person wtfCny should be about going out, visit some relatives and old friends, fooling around and get some red packets. But I don’t remember since when we don’t actually celebrate cny, I mean by the really traditional way. And I’m confused whether being used to alone/indoor person is a good thing or bad, but who cares, I like it that way!

OK I know I shouldn’t be like this anymore since I said after degree shouldn’t be like this anymore but come on! My new classmates are just a few people! Not to say boring, but at some point, I do like just being with all these people. I’m feeling extremely comfortable when just being around with a few people. 🙂 But that too, indicates I will talk to myself more. Seriously? Stop being like a psycho.

Oh met an old friend just a week before cny, he said the way I act and talk more polite compare to last time. Well, I guess so. I’m not trying to praising myself wtf but indeed, I got a bit polite than before, at least, less harsh word. But more mean convo inside. Oops. I guess cause when people around you are lesser and more constant, you don’t really get a chance to being hyper all the time or being rude and harsh together. Or simply because I’m aging?! Also, after starting my aging stage, I prefer to stay home doing simple stuff like reading some books. That’s why I’m so looking forward for the book vouchers, I’ve got a list of books I wanna grab for myself! Actually, I prefer to use ‘profound’ rather than ‘aging’!

Back to the topic, this festival is just another school break, another chance for me to keep on watching some good movies. You know, I actually felt guilty everytime I watched movies in hostel lol and, keep calm and eat unhealthy food, and get fat, fuck.


Randomly found this on Facebook. The day is coming, so? I never give a shit. But Simpson is always so cute to me and his face and the way he act is just so-me. Hah so I decided to share it with you guys. To see if maybe some of you are so aware of feb 14th. Oops. 😀


Yes, I have the desire.

No, I’m not the kind of girl you think. I might not be the good girl, but I’m definitely the one trying to be smart, at least, in a relationship.

Don’t be stupid, be smart. That’s what you said.


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