Views important? Or someone’s view important?

Sometimes we care alot what other people say, what other people views toward us. Perhaps sometimes what we look for is not actually what the people tell us, but the answer that agreed with us. But most of the time, it’s the person who views us we care. Atleast, that’s what I think.

I can’t tell whether other people opinions important or not. Maybe in certain way, it do important, cause it gives us a direction, but sometimes its a kind of hurt, in term of answer from the person we care. But if it will hurts, I’ll still ask you, if I was given the chance to, of what you think of me.

I asked that question to a few people, people that I know. But out of them, their answer is not what I care, their views are nothing, compared to you. I’ve always wanted to know what you think of me, what makes you think of me, sort of questions like that. No, I never get the answer, cause I’ll never ask, I never asked.

But to be honest, what you said about me, I couldn’t remember them all, but it’s them that change me. I guess it’s pretty tough to find a person that could make you a better person. But I gotta say goodbye, I should not keep on dragging in the past or even the present, now. I shall really move on. Move on to make mistakes, make more mistakes. Its mistakes that make all of us grown up.

Thank you. Thank for once existed in my life. Ily. Goodbye.

Watched this today. Realize I got abit late for watching this such a good movie. If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks novel, don’t miss this.


” Moments. Our life is a series of moments. Each one a journey to the end.

Let them go. Let them all go. “


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