My ‘Thursday’

It’s Valentines Day actually.

No partner/s 😛 , so instead of keeping myself in the house, went to the mall for grabbing some new clothes. Didn’t buy much, ugh, but at least I found something to do lol. I don’t feel like talking about what I got for myself, just wanna stay updated, yeah. Oh and btw, changed a new background picture cause previous one is actually for restaurant/cafe’s blogs, think this looks good and I love the sky so picked this!

I should rearrange my 2013 resolution, like seriously, cause I don’t actually plan anything to be done in this year. I doubt myself in losing weight, duh. Suppose that I should add some attainable one. Improve my English, speaks fluent English, get a better result, at least, better than before. I mean it to improve it, like taking any intensive English class. But I never heard any of them in my place so I guess I should have read more English materials instead of Chinese books. Motivation, I need you. 🙂

Calm down‘ a lot. You know it always makes you kinda miss how crazy or bubbly you can be.


“I wish I could write. I get these ideas but I never seem

to be able to put them in words.”

—  F. Scott Fitzgerald


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