Grew up

20. An age where you realize how much you gonna change, and how far you’re yet to go.

It’s terrible. Age is a terrible thing, I would like to ignore the numbers, somewhat it still bother me.

I look upon what I missed, how much I changed. I changed? Or simply because I grew up? So many things that we can no longer do it without thinking about other people. It’s not really like those Tumblr quotes, sort of ” Do the whatever fuck you want”.

We live where we bow to the reality, live like a servant, of many things that make us unpleasant, but we have no choice but to bear with it. Too many people that we dislike, but too little that we can offend with, and at last, the people who feel the same with us, point at us, saying we’re hypocrites.

So much to learn, so much to change. In a good way or bad way? Everything depends on your perception, the way you see something. I’m just starting learning to see things from different ways. I might have changed, but you’re no longer the you, too. After all, everyone will never be the same. Its just the matter of time.

人在江湖 身不由己。不是所以的事情都盡得人意。畢竟,這已不是一個任性妄為的年紀 。

I miss my high school friends, I miss everything that happened, but I’ve already accepted that things won’t go back how they used to be. But if I was given a wish, I wish time could rewind back.

What you want to do if you’re given a wish?

Yeshh, going to skip tomorrow morning class. *bahaha


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