Define ALIVE

I strongly request that people should add a new definition for ‘alive’. 

I don’t get why these days I’m getting so easily tired that most of the time I would rather just shut myself in the room, not playing any music, lazy to scroll any social websites, simply just wanna play some games. Or by spending the time just lay on my bed and hug my jgs, since he so fucking cute. Lol

I’m so tired that sometimes I actually don’t have the mood to do anything else, even joking with people on the Facebook. It makes me so breathless to communicate/type some irrelevant things with people. Feeling so dead. 

Life’s so dead. Doing the same thing, meeting the people, same routine. I’m not feeling alive. I couldn’t laugh out loud for the funny things, sometimes get harder to smile too, easily annoyed btw. Like an old woman. 

I’m tired of feeling tired.

Wait, is this kind of life I’m going to live after I graduate and start working like 2 years and more? Jesus.

Btw, Happy International Women’s Day. Justsaying


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