Sorry for being not updated. Its been really long long time. Kinda busy with a few final assignment last time and then preparing for my final, yes, I’m still on my final but luckily there’s no any paper on next week so here’s a quick update, again. :x

I’e changed to using iPhone 5 recently, I know I’m a little bit late. Not really that excited as I thought when I get my i5 since I’m using my own money, yet still feeling happy cause it’s actually my first up-to-date smart phone, lol. But it’s really confusing me this first time user. Wanted to change to my ringtone cause the default apple ringtone is somehow still soft for me, I can’t really heard my phone ring lol but the YouTube tutorial for converting ringtone also complicated so yea, I’m still waiting people to teach me. :/

One thing that really pissing me off is that people can’t stop jealous. I mean, like seriously? You‘re an adult but still jealous about people changing new phone?! I thought that’s what we do when we’re kids. Oh and, what’s the problem if someone wanted to sell out his/her i5 that have used for like a month and get Samsung s4? It is their deciison anyway, who are to judge? Please, go get your own life, duh.

Oh, the thing that really got me excited is that I finally made an appointment with the dentist and everything and next Tuesday gotta put on my braces. Quite nervous and happy, mixed feelings lah. Have been wishing for pretty teeth for quite a long time but never really went to check up or anything, although my teeth aren’t considered as really bad crooked teeth heh. Hope everything will be okay. Perhaps a photo update on Tuesday night? 🙂

ImageCan’t wait to read it after my final exam! 😀 

Or perhaps recommend some novels for me? 


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