Mid 2013 drama recommend: NINE

As usual, semester break is all about drama marathon. A friend recommended a korean drama “Nine”, its so nice that it’s not like the usual korean drama. Fyi I’m not a korean drama fan, I don’t usually watch one but this attracted me. Every episode has things to talk about and make me so freaking nervous and wanted to know what’s gonna happened next.

It’s a story about the main actor’s brother has passed away and soon realized the thus that his late brother holding when passing away is a time machine that allow him to go back to 20 years before. Somehow the thus bring some certain butterfly effect. Tsk. Cry die me. So touch, a great drama indeed, if its without the last episode lol cause I couldn’t figure it out what it means in the last episode.

I think this is a must-watch larh!


He is being such a very good friend. Thumbs up and cry lol

2013-05-23 03.37.32

I’m so tearful and got swollen eyes in the next day because of this scene. So touching. 😥


I think I’ve fallen in love with the boy that portray the main actor of 20 years before. Hah! But main actor indeed charming too! 😛


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