Sunshine and lemon tea

I woke up and decided to feel good for today, which reminded me of a quote: “Don’t let the idiots ruin your day”. As the previous day, indeed there are some irresponsible so-called adults kinda pissed me off.  So I decided to feel good, not to let shitty things ruin my mood by putting on makeup (I rarely put on makeup), BB cream, contact lenses, eyeliner and mascara. And yeah, I really feel good throughout the day.

Makeup indeed makes one feel good and confident. One thing about law of attraction is that, when you feel good, it wrote on your face, and it attracts good things and good people ( I guess, as I didn’t really read Secret yet, oops! ). I really appreciate people around me that made me laugh, made me smile, cheer me up without on purpose. It’s great, really.

Fyi recently I am actually quite busy with event things and assignments and everything, troublesome helpers and assistant are being troublesome, that’s why I’m so grateful that there are still a few helpers who really put effort and dedication in working things out. I can say that, these people, who put in the effort and dedication even it’s just a small matter, can make them success in the future. Attitude decides how far you can go!

I wish I can control my emotion better and make better things, to be more experience in event things and expand my networking. I wish to wake up and decided to feel good, not only today, but everyday. Accept the real critiques and improve yourself yet don’t let other people perception or words to stop you from doing what you wanted to do.

Forever and always, “Don’t forget to be awesome”. 



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