Hello 2014

Resolution… I wasn’t planning to make one but on second thought, I wanted to make myself to remember it, in hope that this year I can achieve it.

Wanted to really start having the habit of reading, whether it’s Chinese or English novel. I like the way English novels are, but I like it when I can have felt the “feeling” from Chinese novel. I should start meditation, whether it works or not. To calm myself, less online. Since the doctor said I spoiled my body, I guess it’s time to really put some effort in changing my lifestyle. And I should really start a workout. I was enough of feeling sucks about myself, it’s time!!!! Wanted to pick up a new talent but.. Time and money constraints. I really wanted to learn to play guitar since few decades ago tsk. Oh yeah, I must get myself a dslr cam for the year end subject, and driving license! Pfffff money..

That’s all. I didn’t hope for more. These are hard enough. Before end my post, Happy new year everyone! Didn’t get to go out for countdown, it’s ok I’m used to being alone and I guess I love it that way. Bye.



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