Simple is the Best

I think accomplishment isn’t enough to describe my feelings for this evening? The feelings of accomplishment, awesomeness and fulfilling(?) when doing something you like. And I guess now I finally know how it feels.

Went for a dance competition organized by one of my college’s society this evening and I went as “media”, photographer. Well I’m not really a photographer and in fact I just need to take a few photos for news purpose. But I wanted to take photos throughout the night. I’m glad I did. This was the second time I’m being a photographer for an event, of course there are other more professional photographers which made me a total-obvious-amateur-like-photographer. It was really exhausted when we need to run, squat and stand to take photos throughout the night as we don’t want to block others’ vision too. It made me realized being a photographer isn’t just about taking photos. Lighting, motions, equipments, stamina and etc are so important.

It feels really awesome for able to do things that you like. The feelings of living, going out to do things that you like without bothering what others think about you, getting to know some new people (friendly and not-drama kind of people lol). This is life, the life I want, able to do things that you like, able to be with positive, talented people, and be myself, be invisible lol cuz I always prefer working in backstage more than front stage. How I wish I can have my own camera so I can just go whenever there’s event that I’m interested with. Gotta work hard in future to get a dslr then! :/


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