2015 Resolution

2014-11-14 14.06.37

[Serenity] Taken using iPhone 5, edited using VSCO & Studio app.

Ah-ha! I’m back here (finally) for the new year resolution loll. Not that I really follow each and every resolution that I wrote but I really think it’s a good way of looking how much you’ve changed. Well in my case, I didn’t set a lot of resolutions and yet only one thing I’ve accomplish, driving license. Not really, I only passed the theory section during Nov so there’s still halfway to go. Plus there are something in my head so I really wanted to write them down before they flew away.

1. Hope everything goes well. What could be more important than this!

2. Get the goddamn driving license before internship (which is somewhere around April&May)!

3. Exercise please. If you want to look good, look fit and healthy, you have to exercise. Drink plenty of water, sleep early (of which I think I’m improving loll), meditation, practice good healthy lifestyle.

4. Keep it up with academic result and curriculum. Hardly believe I’m soon to be a final year student next year, Jesus! I’m so not ready for working life yet getting excited for it. Tbh I’m not a high achiever/high determined person (obviously) but seriously have to get a not-too-bad-looking resume aye!

5. TRAVEL. Please I really want to go travel alone to somewhere out of this country. Whether possible to save money in a year is kinda the main question cuz well I’m not really the backpacker type, or maybe I should? Too princess-ish for a budget trip 😡 Of course I wanted a camera, I’m dying of that especially I’ve taken a photography subject last two months. I have to say I really want it but my priority still goes for travel first. 😦

[Fly away] Taken using Canon 1000D, edited using VSCO.

[Fly away] Taken using Canon 1000D, edited using VSCO.

6. Thoughts. Thoughts can affect everything. I haven sort out everything yet, of all the confusing things happening in a year. If this year is the year that I’ve grown, perhaps next year is the year for a change.

2014-12-08 01.12.55

Credited to anonymous.

Goodbye. 🙂


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