Haven been updating here for a long long time and I can’t believe my previous post was 2015 Resolution posted on Dec of 2014. Well now that when I look back at my resolution I actually achieved them! (in a small pace kind of achievement 🙂 ). I’ve got my driving license in April 2015, which was a month before my internship, I did started to exercise for a certain period (sorry, still trying to keep up with that). I too, graduated from school on last December with a result that I’m satisfied with and went to Bangkok, Thailand for new year eve celebration. I should probably update a belated resolution for this year and check back next year. Truth is I decided to back to this blog and update something, or anything inspired by an anonymous blogger although job interviewers did question why I don’t own a blog.

So I came across this song by a rather low profile band, Cheerleader and I’m totally hooked. And let’s see how long will I be able to keep updating my music of the week series (kind of cliche) but I was hoping its something I can look back for as well as if you guys have any songs that are currently on your replay list, do let me know too!


Now that you’re older are you

Dreaming of the sunshine of your youth?
You know that it’s useless looking back
There’s no redemption there for you
You’re making a promise to yourself
You’ll put those habits on the shelf
Can you make a promise
To be honest with yourself?

If you could only find some way
To start all over again
It’s not too late
You’ll find the strength to start again




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