Signal for K-haters

Ummm.. Hey.. Ms Kim Eun Hee & Mr Kim Won Suk, that’s not the end right?


Amidst of all the currently airing Korean dramas, the highly anticipated drama Descendants of the Sun stand out from the crowd since its first episode release which in my humble opinion, it’s slightly overrated considering that only 6 episodes had aired. In terms of genre, DOTS is more appealing to general audiences with its romance and melodrama theme as well as its a production under public broadcaster KBS which able to reach out more audiences compared to Signal by cable channel tvN. Therefore, a well-planned popular genre with well-known or good looking casts can easily attract higher responses than specific genre such as crime or horror given that the latter have higher requirements needed to fulfil in order to be consider as a good drama and this could be one of the situations that deepen the misconception of public towards Korea entertainment products.

Since the present of Hallyu, the Korean Wave has spinning around the world with its globally known Korean pop music or Kpop in which some later began to form a perception that Korea entertainment culture is nothing but various good looking (or recognize to had undergo plastic surgery) male and female idol groups of around 4 to more than 10 members perform meaningless catchy songs while everyone has the almost identical choreography or shallow fan girls fangirling over idols from some particular dramas. Eg, me (shamelessly admitted). Truth is, everything has its two sides but that’s not the main point for today. So, the younger generation is more likely to be influenced by the Korean wave whereas the other half of those whom do not fall under the Kpop fans category, are either do not care about it or they despise the culture. Eg, your colleague whom dislike flower boy because men should be masculine, which explained the title of this article (pun intended) for all I want is for you to put your prejudice aside and indulge in this amazing Korean television series (because I’m kinda feeling bitter that even a cheesy romance drama is more popular than this #sorryimnotsorry).


Don’t get me wrong, Kim Won Suk-sshi and Kim Eun Hee-sshi aren’t the drama’s lead characters. Well, close. Kim Won Suk and Kim Eun Hee is actually the director and writer of Signal, a recent television series by tvN that has aired its last episode over the weekend. As a big fan of Signal, I feel obligated to give a big shout out to the producer team in producing such a marvellous television series which totally beyond my expectation and it’s now my top favorite drama as well as I self-rated it as Drama of the Year 2016. This is the top notch man! In case that you’re a fan of crime, thriller film/drama, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this out.

It all begins with a profiler Park Hae Young (Lee Je Hoon or better known as the young male lead in Architecture 101) in 2016 accidentally communicate with a rookie homicide detective Lee Jae Han (Cho Jin Woong) in 1986 through a mysterious walkie-talkie but little did they know it actually links them to something bigger. The drama has showcased a nicely scripted story line involving time travel and butterfly effect (reminded me of 2013’s drama, Nine: Nine Time Travels) in solving cold crime cases. How fascinating that just a little thing that we are trying to change in the past from present can lead to ripple effect that eventually affects our present.

What’s even remarkable is each and every new episode is actually greater than the predecessor which is why *spoiler alert* I’m not even disappointed with the ending; the writer nicely wrapped up the series with highly intriguing suspense so I’m praying hard that there would be a sequel to Signal 2016! Not to mention that the director’s effort in incorporate past and present scenes perfectly although the “squeeze” effect used to differentiate the past from present scenes slightly annoyed me. On top of that, with veteran actress Kim Hye Soo alongside actor Jang Hyun Sung who portrayed the villain and excellent heart wrenching acting skills from young Park Hae Young.

In addition that Signal is based on real life unsolved cases! But I certainly do not want to give a typical review because that just makes no sense as you might just skip watching instead after reading my (possibly) not-up-to-your-expectation-level of explanation of the story plot but trust me, with just one episode and you’ll hooked on the series! Now may I excuse myself? I would like to crawl back into my crib and re-watch the entire series and cry. Bye.

For those who finished watching the series, what do you think?


Ps// It also has awesome background music and non-typical ballad OST that fits perfectly with the drama! 😀



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