MOTW #3 & #4

A quick sums up for the past two weeks!

The Currents album by Tame Impala is nothing new but I’m still obsessed about it. As you might know, I personally fond of chill type of music and Tame Impala’s is just freaking chill and sexy for anytime when you needa calm down or during a midnight drive. The Less I Know The Better is one of the main hits of the album and it’s one of my favourite especially with their exceptional intriguing MV shown in a metaphorical(?) way with a bit of 18sx. Yet the story line actually speaks about the sadness of the main character for unable to win over the girl from the ‘gorilla’ so he do not want about their details and hence the title of the song. Another favourite of mine from the album is Disciples. 😉

It’s a Korean song again. #sorryimnotsorry. I was stunned by Lee Hi’s singing skill, and honestly it’s one of the very few foreign language songs that really moved me. Before her new first half album released, I didn’t know about her at all lol cause I’m didn’t watch any episode of the Kpop Star singing competition. So if you’re a Korean music fan, definitely check her out and this slightly emotional song about comforting the tired and nearly-give-up people that it’s okay to sigh, it’s not to not pretending to be okay. 😦



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