Shattered & Rebuild

Out of nowhere, this realization pops up my mind and hit me so hard. Back then, you’ve always told me that “you’re funny” and I’d be angry at you because I didn’t like the idea of being a funny person, I didn’t quite understand what you meant. I didn’t quite like to accept compliments, in fact I never learn to accept compliments and critiques. All these time, I’m busy being hard on myself.

I hated whenever you say I’m funny, truth is I hated myself. How could I accept love from someone else when I don’t even love myself. I’ve been a tough person to love when I’ve been rejecting people to come close, from all the negative vibes I surround myself with; all the hatred I’ve been giving myself.

What a shame that it took me this long to realize what you meant back then. What a pity. *Deep breath* *Heart-aching*

Start from now, do it now. Embrace yourself. Accept criticism and compliments. If you want something/someone badly, make an effort. In the end, we only regret on chances that we didn’t take. Only from loving yourself that you could allow someone else to love you. Never explain yourself. Don’t ever feel sorry for who you are. Embrace, embrace yourself. Give yourself a break, pat your shoulder, you’ve come far enough. It’s never too late to start the change you want to see.

You came for a reason, a lesson that I’ve finally figure it out now. 

Featuring #MOTW 5 . Perfect for now.


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