Things I realize in coming to the end of 2016

Just a quick brief of things that needed to achieve or at least, have a slight improvement. Work has taken too much of my time that I barely get to stay up this late and write something. Perhaps I finally get to have a lot of free time during work recently and allow me to ponder about all these and decided I gotta start somewhere instead of just saying. Been looking into a few new jobs, none of those that I’m truly interested has given me any updates but I’m pretty sure I’ll accept any better offers from the rest. This isn’t a really bad job, I mean in terms of mentally growth? Lulz. Spoken about this with a close friend from work and making me all sentimental again, so much that I’ve learnt from here that I think I can find them from nowhere else. Those are enlightenment and experiences that perhaps, very unlikely can bring me to somewhere further but it does makes me a different person from now and then. Still feeling the presence of identity crisis but I’ve also starting to figuring out what kind of person I am, and who to be. Courage, courage, courage. If there is any reason some particular people who came into my life in this year, it ought to be this: to be brave and go for want you want. Not knowing what you want shouldn’t be a reason to stop going for it. “Everything that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear”. Also, most importantly, stop being dilemma, duh! Stop listening to so many voices from people around and lose your own. A friend once said that ‘the first thing that come into your mind is actually your decision but you chose to listen to all the chaos and doubt yourself.’ Maybe everything goes back to the core problem; lack of self-confidence. If I could spare a little bit of courage, confidence and independence from traveling alone! Be independent in decisions making, be confident in every steps that you’re going to take and, think twice? Yes, but not for thrice. It’s time to stop saying you’re afraid, and stop being afraid because most of the time, you only have one chance.


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