7 Things I Want to Achieve in 2017


Well, it’s time of the year. Honestly, I don’t think resolution actually works (or maybe just me, couldn’t keep in mind in achieving them lol) but I really think it’s a good way in stating down what were you thinking in a year ago and present, and surprisingly I didn’t wrote a post about resolution for 2016. Or maybe I deleted it? Because I’m really a fan of deleting stuff I posted online.

Looking back at 2016, I’d say it’s not so a bad year. A year that I’m lost but also (kinda) found myself back. I basically wasted the first three months of the year with doing nothing at home and occasionally looking for job but didn’t get any (back then I have no idea what I really wanted to do) and eventually accepted a sales job in a local bank’s credit card department. It’s not the type of job that I think I will ever take but somehow it helped me in knowing myself better, polished my communication skill, be brave to talk to people and be a little more sociable.

Then I had an amazing first solo trip ever to Taiwan in April, got to know a few really kind people during the trip. Another small-big thing that I never thought I would have ever done is getting a tattoo done. I’ve been wanting to get one but never actually do it, always giving excuses and letting fear to stop me. I’m glad people that I’ve met in the second half of 2016 inspired me to do so. I’ve seen how they do things they want to do without letting doubts and fears in stopping them. If there’s a reason you came into my life but ain’t meant to stay, then this is the reason: to spark the fire within me to be less indecisive and chase for things that I want.

Back to 2017 resolution, I’ve listed them down, not sure whether I’ll actually achieve them or not hahahaha but it’s always good to set a few goals for yourself and keep them in check from time to time.

  1. Second tattoo. Yes I’m always a fan of it (playing with those fake one) and since now I’ve got a real one, nothing stops me lolll.
  2. Write more. I’m a sucker in keeping my goal for this. Been saying this for like few decades ago and never seems to able to stick to this habit but at least, continue my 5-year-journal cause I… skipped last year.
  3. Read more. So far I’ve read three books in December (I was too free) and I need to control myself from getting new one before I finish the rest of my unread books.👀
  4. Travel to Cambodia & Vietnam. Now the problem is I really enjoy traveling alone but friend knew that I’m planning to go is trying to come along as well, not sure how to deal with this lol. But I’m planning to be somewhere around June. If budget allows, Singapore in end of the year cause I’ve never been there even though it’s just beside my country.
  5.  Better financial planning. Or at least, save more. In order to achieve no.4.
  6. GO OUT. Stick to gym, since I’ve got a fixed working hour job. Go for more outdoor activities, been dying to go to Broga Hill (beginner level duh) and still looking for people who like to go for mountain climbing kind of activities in 2017. ==
  7. Ultimately, focus on career. This is the year to focus on career and focus on growing yourself. I’ve (kinda) found a job in a field that I’m really interested in and there isn’t any excuse to not work hard on it. For any other aspects in life, I’d just let them be. If things are meant to be, they will be. Work hard, be proactive, pass probation, get increment, and let the rest fall into place.


Be braver and better, not bitter. 

And let’s be a better us by the time we’ll meet again. xx



What’s your resolution for this year?



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