fill the void

You’ll never be happy when your happiness is solely built on a person, a material, or monetary value. It will always hurt when the ground you built it on start shaking and you’ll crumble. and you certainly can’t be competing with people who placed themselves first because that’s how things should be. i wish i’m comfortable being with […]

Overthink or Uncover the Another Side?

Been thinking a lot recently, mostly self-reflecting. From arguments with close friends and conversation with an old pal, you begin to question a lot about yourself. “Ah, it must have been tough for other people to tolerate with me”, but at the same time why would you change for the sake of their comments? Which […]

Do What You Love in 2018

A year has passed and 2017 was an amazing year and kind to me. I’ve traveled to a few places, had fun in music festivals and other social occasions also met a couple of good friends. I’m just too lazy to write everything here since all are updated on my Instagram anyway (Instagram make me even lazier […]