Do What You Love in 2018

A year has passed and 2017 was an amazing year and kind to me. I’ve traveled to a few places, had fun in music festivals and other social occasions also met a couple of good friends. I’m just too lazy to write everything here since all are updated on my Instagram anyway (Instagram make me even lazier […]

2015 Resolution

Ah-ha! I’m back here (finally) for the new year resolution loll. Not that I really follow each and every resolution that I wrote but I really think it’s a good way of looking how much you’ve changed. Well in my case, I didn’t set a lot of resolutions and yet only one thing I’ve accomplish, […]

Hello 2014

Resolution… I wasn’t planning to make one but on second thought, I wanted to make myself to remember it, in hope that this year I can achieve it. Wanted to really start having the habit of reading, whether it’s Chinese or English novel. I like the way English novels are, but I like it when […]